It is leader in Italy regarding the analysis of recycled material, samplings of petroleum products, chemicals, and training courses in port safety.

Maritime Srl is operative in the sampling and analysis sector related to metals and minerals, offering to our clients the highest services quality in this business sector, through analysis and operational procedure such as:

  • Holds inspection
  • Draft survey
  • Weighing supervision
  • Sampling
  • Sampling finalization
  • Analysis and testing in certified laboratories
  • Storage management and stock control

Worldwide clients including accept our inspection's reports: Refineries and Terminals, Trading companies and Acting between parties requiring Audits and/or legal disputes.

Our main aim is to draw a fully representative sample of the cargo in any type of product, with particular emphasis of:
  • Minerals and concentrates
  • Recovery materials (Nonferrous Scrap, Ferrous Scrap, Glass Cullet, Paper Stock, Plastic Scrap, Electronics Scrap, Tire Scrap, others)
  • Metallurgical products
  • Precious metals
  • Catalytic exhaust and residues
  • Chemical products
  • Coal, petroleum coke, other

The analysis of the specified products are performed by controlled and certified worldwide laboratories as well as in USA, The Nederland, South Africa, Singapore and United Kingdom.